Note:  Most of the time when spindle run-out is quoted what people really mean is that the chuck or faceplate is running out.  In these cases it is usually problems with the match of the fixture and bearing where the runout lies. 

Indications that you may have run-out problems:

Spur centre is moving off and on centre

Faceplate or chuck appears to wobble when lathe is running.

Lathe seems to pulsate with faceplate or chuck fitted.

Run-out can be caused by:

Lathe Spindle

Faceplate having run-out

Chuck having run-out

Build up of dirt at the rear of faceplate/chuck

Incorrect location of the faceplate/chuck.  Must locate against the face of the inner race of the bearing.

Testing for run-out:

Remove faceplate/chuck from the spindle.  

Use a dial-gauge on the spindle to check the radial and axial run out.   Refer to the diagram below.  Maximum tolerances are below.  

Note:  A runout of 2 thou is concerned acceptable in the field even though it is above our tolerances.   At this level the run out should not affect the quality of woodturning.

Lathe Spindle Tolerances:

Axial Runout Maximum:                 0.05 mm (~0.002 inch)

Radial/Lateral Runout Maximum:  0.055 mm (~0.002 inch)

Note: DVR Galaxi lathe radial tolerance is 0.02 mm (~0.0007")

-If the runout is within this then it is likely to be the fixture that you have been using. 

-If the runout is out of tolerance, please contact your local reseller/authorized service center who can help you further.

Runout on Chuck Body:

Axial/Face Runout Maximum:                 0.1 mm (0.0039 inch)

Radial Runout Maximum:               0.13 mm (0.005 inch)


Runout on Jaws:

Axial/Face Runout Maximum:                 0.25 mm (0.01 inch)

Radial Runout Maximum:               0.25 mm (0.01 inch)

***IMPORTANT: The jaws MUST be clamped down on an object which is nearly perfectly round before measuring the runout. Clamping the jaws down on themselves will lead to false results due to the manufacturing method of the jaws.***