1. get the machine into the service mode 

2. check/change parameter



Step No.
Turn on the Galaxi lathe and hold down <F2> and <F/R> keys at the same time for 2 seconds and let go.
You would be presented with a screen to enter the password.
Enter the password “3210” to enter service mode.
To enter “3210” press:
<F1> : 3 times
<F2> : 2 times
<F3> : 1 times
Once the password has been entered press the dial to confirm and proceed to service mode.
You would be presented with an identical screen as step 1 once the lathe has entered service mode.
To check whether the lathe has successfully entered service mode press <Menu>.
Navigate the cursor down to “Motor parameter” option by turning the dial.
Press the dial to enter the Motor Parameter option.
Once in the “Motor parameter” option, navigate down through the pages.
If a 4th page is visible the lathe has successfully entered service mode. 



6.  Scroll through the pages on the menu by turning the dial to locate the parameter UVTsdStp.

7.  Select the parameter value by pushing the dial in.

8.  Turn the dial to Change UVTsdStp= 345(default value?) to 340 or 335 if 340 doesn’t work.

     Push the dial in one more time to confirm change.