Teknatool Frequently Asked Questions
Woodworm Screw Coming Loose/Issues with Mounting.
Code: FAQ– NSC110


1. Is the thread on the woodworm screw right hand? I.e. rotating the screw in a clockwise

direction, looking at the front of the spindle. It may be possible that an incorrect one may

have been supplied.

2. The woodworm screw for the 50mm jaws and the Powergrip jaws-once locked in placeshould

protrude 17mm from the jaw front. For both jaws, before final tightening make

sure that the front of the boss section of the screw is seated behind and against the jaws.

3. The pilot hole in the wood for the screw should be 8mm or 5/16”. This may differ from

what is stated in the manual, but after revising things this seems to be the most effective

size for most woods.

4. The wood should butt up against the jaw front once wound onto the woodworm as far as

it can go.

5. With the NOVA TITAN, do not seat the woodworm screw all the way to the bottom.  Seat the woodworm to the base of the jaw slides and tighten.  This will not only give you more threading and there will be enough grip.