Any NOVA jaw set will fit on any NOVA chucks therefore you will not have to worry about the compatibility between the chucks and jaws. 


Although the geometry of the accessory jaws allow mounting onto the chucks, some of the larger accessory jaws will not be suitable for use with the smaller model of chucks such as the G3 or Precision Midi. 

For more information on this please see The FAQ article entitled "Capacity of Jaws when mounted on particular chucks".


NOVA accessory jaws are designed for use on NOVA chucks only. They are not designed to fit and be used on any other chucks.

There are speed limits depending on the type of jaw that is attached onto the chuck. Excessive turning spped is a serious hzard which can lead to severe injuries.

As a general guide.

  1. A bigger working diameter = Slower turning speed.
  2. Out of balance work should be turned at the slowest possible speed.
  3. Speeds may differ depending on the lathe manual. If there is a difference, use the slower of the tow recommended speeds.

The attached PDF is a Printable version of the information.