This article outlines the recommended method to properly align the centers of the headstock and tailstock on your (NOVA) lathe if it has a movable headstock. This procedure will work on the following lathes:

  • NOVA 1624-44 (Discontinued)
  • NOVA DVR XP (Discontinued)
  • NOVA DVR 2024 (Discontinued)
  • NOVA 1624 II
  • NOVA DVR Galaxi
  • NOVA DVR Saturn

For this procedure you will need a NOVA Acruline 2MT Alignment Lathe Accessory:  (NOVA Acruline 2MT Accessory pictured, find retailers/sales by searching: NOVA 2MTNA)

  1. loosen alignment plates (part #17), by loosening the hex bolts (part #18)
  2. bring the quill (part #1) out approximately 3"
  3. add the NOVA Acruline to the quill
  4. slowly slide the tailstock to the headstock until the NOVA Acruline fits both the headstock and the tailstock
  5. tighten the alignment plates (part #17)
  6. at this point the tailstock and headstock are aligned
  7. pull apart, and remove the NOVA Acruline.

If that doesn't work, here's an alternate procedure: