Q: What keyless chuck is recommended for the Voyager? 

A: Voyager: Any keyless chuck that comes with its own 2MT arbor or can fit on the B16 end of the standard 2MT/B16 Arbor which comes with the Voyager.
    NOTE: Make sure the keyless chuck can handle speeds up to 5500 rpm.

Q: How do I tighten a keyless chuck on the Voyager?

A: The attached FAQ article shows a mechanical method which you can use to tighten the keyless chuck on the Voyager. 

On the older version of the firmware there is no feature of "Power holding"of the spindle therefore it poses difficulties to people who wants to use a keyless chuck. 

The latest firmware for the NOVA Voyager includes the Power holding feature which allows the user to tighten the keyless chuck by one hand. This can be found in Advanced Modes in the menu.

Link to the firmware update files are: