The firmware update program and installation instructions can be downloaded from the following link to our website:


There is currently no updater available for the Mac operating system. The updating procedure has to be carried out on a windows computer.

In the case where you want to revert back to the old basic firmware (version R2P04p), the .dfu file attached here can also be installed using the same procedure on our website link above.


Q: My computer won't recognize the USB device (drill press panel), and the "Available DFU Devices" is blank.

A: Always install the driver first before attempting to plug the HMI into the computer. If done in the wrong order, the computer might try and automatically find the wrong driver and install it. Then, when the user goes to install the correct driver from the download package, it does not work.

1. Restart computer and try firmware upgrade procedure again. 

2. Check to make sure the cable is plugged in correctly to the back side of the Voyager control panel and that the panel screen lights up when plugged into the computer. See attached picture "Firmware USB Cable - Port X5.png".

3. Uninstall, then reinstall NOVA software and USB drivers (vcredist_x64.exe AND vcredist_x86.exe).

4. The panel may not be entering USB mode (you can force it by pressing and holding F1, press OFF and release, then release F1), or alternatively pressing and holding F1 as the panel first powers on. The computer should display a message in the bottom right, "Installing Device Driver Software", and the small LED labeled D7 next to the USB cable on the blue circuit board should be lit up.

Q: I installed the Nova software as well as the program for the missing files, and I still get the error message "Missing mfc120.dll file"  when the Nova program tries to start.

A: Install both driver files, vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe, then try firmware upgrade procedure again.