Missing a bumper or a screw from your Cole Jaw Set?  

If the item is missing from a newly purchased kit, then a full replacement will be supplied under warranty. Please contact us with your receipt and we will get this underway for you immediately.

If you have lost parts of your kit in the normal rough and tumble of your turning, we can supply new kits.

We are not able to sell individual items at this time, however we can offer two fastening kits: 

1. SKU CJFK _ Standard Fastening kit - that comes with all Cole Jaws.

2. SKU 6030 - Cole Jaw Buffer Kit - upgraded buffer kit that contains two types of buffers - a square sided one and a long pin one, as well as fastenings.

Both of these fastening kits will work on all versions of the Cole Jaws - the Standard Cole Jaws (JSCOLE), the Mini Cole Jaws (SKU 6006) and the Large Cole Jaws (SKU 6040)

These can be purchased from your usual NOVA dealer or on our website, www.teknatool.com