The NOVA Titan II Chuck is a 4 Jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for large lathes with 20″ of swing or greater which has now been discontinued. 

It was replaced by the NOVA Titan III Chuck.

The NOVA Titan II Chuck was manufactured in dedicated threaded versions only. These chucks cannot take the standard insert/adaptors and cannot be fitted to any other lathe spindle size.

It is sold in the following configurations: 

1 1/4" 8TPI RH Threaded Version (Sku# 13055)

M33 RH Threaded Version (Sku# 13057)

All versions take the same accessory range as other NOVA Chucks. However, with it’s larger size, we recommend appropriate larger accessory jaws.

The attached file is the manual for the NOVA Titan II Chuck.

Thank you and happy turning


Note: NOVA Titan II shown with Powergrip Jaws (Sku# PJSN) which came as standard with the NOVA Titan II (both configurations).