If you haven't already, please see our website for more information on the Vulcan:


The Vulcan is a metal working variable speed drill press with hybrid mill function. The main differences between it and the Voyager are the following:

  • Improved double V groove bearings
  • High-precision ER32/3MT Combination Spindle
  • Metalworking table
  • Gravity fed coolant system
  • Improved firmware with expanded speed chart

The Vulcan has a metalworking based speed chart which is expanded from the Voyager, and it has new options for "Drilling", "End Milling", "Face Milling" and "Reaming". The user will select the operation, then select the drill bit type used (HSS, carbide, etc.) and it will give a material with an accompanying SFM. Once you have selected the SFM, you will be able to select your drill bit size which also shows the speed.

This version also sets the default max speed to 5500rpm.


The speed chart is:

Drilling (Twist Bit)

HSS + Coated

Cobalt Steel

Solid Carbide

End Milling


Uncoated Carbide

Coated Carbide

Face Milling

Carbide Inserts


The materials with SFM are:

Custom SFM



Cast Iron (Ductile)

Cast Iron (Gray)

Steel Alloy

Steel - Free Machining

Steel - Low Carbon

Steel - Med Carbon

Stainless steel




*all SFM provided are on a guideline basis only and can be used as a starting point for operations, actual final speeds should be based on the conditions of work and the experience of the operator.