WARNING: High Voltage Electrical components inside machine. Use extreme caution, unplug the machine several minutes before beginning procedure, and do not touch the circuit boards or other electrical components while powered on during this troubleshooting. Failure to do so can result in extreme injury or possibly death.

1. Remove the top cover (or maybe can peek through the vents) and find the 58020 main control board sub-assembly. Once located, plug the machine and power on to see if there's a red LED that lights up. This lights up when the voyager is powered on, and that'll tell if the main board is getting power. 

2. If no LED is illuminated, use a multi-meter to test the fuses (Fuse CSA15A 230v 6x30mm Slowblow) and other connections between the wall & the main control board to see where the electricity is cut off. Check that all female spade connectors on the cables are clamped down on the male spade connector tab 

3. If the main board IS getting power, next check the 10 pin ribbon cable going to the front panel for damage or loose connections. The front panel should have a small LED that lights up when the power is turned on as well if the LCD isn't lit up. 

Replace any identified failed components.