There has been a update in the geometry of the main control board heatsink. The default heatsink used in the NOVA DVR3000 main control board has a tapered side to compensate the steps found inside the headstock casting. This taper has been removed on the modern control board desgin as the main control boards are slightly smaller. Image below shows the comparison between the old and new heatsink designs.

Old Heatsink Design

New Heatsink Design

The old heatsink design is now obsolete and no longer available. The new heatsink desgin can be fitted into the NOVA DVR3000 headstock without any adjustments (such as grinding etc.) however, the location of the ground cable connection must be relocated. 

SKU = 55168 : New Main Control Board + Heatsink assembly

SKU = 55523 : New Upgrade HMI Panel Assembly

Detailed instructions on how to take out and installing the main board is shown in the PDF documents attached to this article.

The documents are constructed as the following: 

  1. DVR 3000 Changing the 3000 Control Board
    1. Outlines the procedures on how to remove the main control board out from the NOVA DVR3000 headstock
  2. Installing NOVA DVR 3000 Upgrade Kit
    1. Outlines the parts where adjustments are required such as the ground cable connection
  3. How to enter Service Mode and Check serial no. _ parameter on DVR XP lathe
    1. Shows the steps on how to enter the service mode on the NOVA DVR lathe as some parameters mist be changed when installing the new board