Insert version chucks require a chuck insert adaptor.  Please know your lathe's spindle size and choose from the list below to fit a NOVA CHUCK insert version.

Direct thread chucks do not accept chuck adaptors; however, we now have SPINDLE ADAPTORS only in the sizes listed below.  If your spindle size is not listed, there is not an adaptor for the direct thread chuck.

*Retailers/Sales maybe found by searching the web: NOVA and the desired sku.

Chuck Inserts from NOVA

BSF: British Standard Fine     

BSW: British Standard Whitworth
RH: Right hand
LH: Left hand
TPI: Threads per inch
UN: Unified National Standard
UNC: Unified Coarse Standard
UNF: Unified Fine Standard
UNS: Unified Special

These thread sizes listed are the size which the adaptor converts to (e.g. The thread size listed in the table should match the thread size on your lathe spindle.)