When the depth sensor is assembled, the 3 cables going into the plug (red: 5v, blue: signal, black: ground) is slightly uneven due to how it is bent, and the whole cable is shrink wrapped. This causes some of the plugs to come out slightly or have a loose connection and minor vibrations can cause the pin to disconnect temporarily.

You can verify this by slowly pulling the handle down and you can see there are small and random jumps in the depth to another value and then jump back, this happens randomly, and the higher value is normally the "disconnected" value. If this being the case, we have the correction below. Please let me know if this is something you would like to preform otherwise we can have it sent into us for the repairs.

  1. Remove the front panel and locate the depth sensor connector
  2. peel back some of the shrink wrap by CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY slicing it off with a craft knife, about 2 inches should do it, this will allow some of the cables to flex
  3. plug the cable in and push in the 3 cables securely into the white connector
  4. apply some hot glue on the on top of the depth sensor connector and about 10 mm at the start of the cable
  5. apply some light pressure on the cables down into the plug while the hot glue cools