In summary, when the “Low Voltage” message comes up on the screen, there will be one of 2 behaviours on the machine depending on the HMI firmware version:

  1. HMI Firmware version 4 (R2P04x): The machine will freeze at “Low Voltage” screen
  2. HMI Firmware version 5 (R2P05x): The machine will still function normally but “Low Voltage” message appears when <ON> is pressed to start the motor

For either case, the best way is to take out the main board and send it in for repairs (The HMI panel can be sent in at the same time for a firmware update if it has version 4) or replace it with a new one.

1. We’ll need the serial number from the board and the machine (machine is located on the decal – left side of the headstock)

2. Check the firmware. 

3. Reset firmware

4. Reset the factory settings

5. Is it running on 110V or 220V?

6. Check the flat ribbon cable and white depth sensor for the motor. This requires removing the facia and the top cover and please make sure the power is off when checking these connections. Sometimes wires can become cockeyed.

The resets are because there could be bad connection.

If you have an HMI version 5 and able to access the menu, it would be good to get the information of DC Bus voltage as well (If the DC Bus voltage is dropping below 345v then this will confirm the main board must be sent in for repairs). The instructions on how to get the DC Bus voltage reading is included in the attached documents.