The latest boards (55168 – main board , 55523 – HMI panel assembly) can be fitted into the DVR3000 headstock, no compatibility issues between the motor and the electronic control sets.


However, there will be a compatibility issue once you try to fit the old control boards and HMI. I’ve attached a document outlining the compatibility between the main board firmware and HMI firmware version for your reference. Full functionality cannot be guaranteed if the firmware versions are not compatible with each other. The new control set (part numbers mentioned above) will be compatible with each other.


The part numbers that is mentioned in the manual is quite an old one; therefore it is pretty much obsolete now. The best thing to do is to go with the latest electronics set to ensure good performance and durability.



There are 3 versions to the lower back cover on the DVR3000 (without EMI filter, with EMI filter & hard wired power cable, with EMI & removable cable). The ones with the EMI filters will not have a problem, just attach the ground cable somewhere else as shown in the attached document. However, the ones that doesn’t have the EMI filter will have interference between the main board and the main power switch. To resolve this, it will just require to turn the main power switch 90-degrees by filing down the key-way.