If your machine stops spinning and displays a ‘Hardware Fault’ warning while roughing up wood at or lower than 500 rotations-per-minute (RPM), then you may be experiencing this Hardware Fault. You will be able to clear the fault by pressing the <OFF> key however the fault may occur again once the lathe is started. 

You can fix this fault by applying some small silicone insulation pads to parts to a part of the electronics inside the headstock. Read the guide attached below for instructions on how to solve this issue. 

Please note that not all ‘Hardware Fault’ warnings are attributed to this issue. The guide attached will only fix a resettable Hardware Fault error occurring when running a DVR Orion, Saturn, or Voyager at or under 500 RPM and under load. 

Please ensure that the lathe is turned off and unplugged at the power before attempting this fix.