The NOVA SN2 Chuck is a 4 Jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for medium to large lathes with up to 20″ swing.

It is sold in the following markets: 

Insert Version (Sku# 23055): Global

M33 Version (Sku# 23062): Global (Europe)

Body Only (Sku# 23067): Global; sold as the (Insert) Chuck body only, no jaws - Ideal for Turners needing a second chuck. 

Caution: The European SN2 (Sku# 23062) is direct threaded for use with lathes that have the M33x3.5RH spindle thread and is not for use on lathes with other spindle threads.

All versions take the same accessory range as other NOVA Chucks.

Woodworm Screw (Sku#10006) FAQ here

The attached files is the manual for the NOVA SN2 Chuck.

Thank you and happy turning


Note: Shown with the product and parts making up the standard SN2 Insert Chuck (Sku# 23055)