There are two things you need to look for when facing the problem of a Tailstock Quill which will not slide back into the tailstock of your NOVA 1624-44, NOVA DVR 3000, or NOVA DVR XP Woodlathe. 

The first fault could be associated with the lock handle for the tailstock quill. 

Check the quill lock handle to see if the shaft has not rotated, meaning the flat spot may not be in the right direction, therefore impeding travel of the quill. Rotate it, or pull it out and reinsert with the flat side facing the quill. (See Picture Directly Below)

The second fault could be associated with the keeper plate for the tailstock.

Check the keeper plate. It may have descended too far, jammed, be broken, or have foreign material congesting it. There is a setscrew in the top of the tailstock body which is only accessible when the handwheel is removed. The handwheel is left-hand threaded, and you may need to clamp the shaft to get it to unscrew. Loosen or remove the set screw, lift the keeper plate out and clear the cavity it slides into.Replace the keeper plate and set screw. (See Picture Directly Below)

If the Keeper Plate or Lock Handle appear damaged, you can contact our Service Team for a consultation through our Service Portal. If replacement parts are needed then these can be obtained from us. 

(They will be sent from our St Petersburg, FL facility)

Attached is a printable PDF of these steps for ease of reference during the procedure.