The panel can be equipped to most (especially newer) XP lathes and all 2024 lathes, 

XP lathes have version 4.xx, 6.xx and 8.xx, This panel is compatible with version 6.xx and 8.xx only, version 4.xx has only been partially tested and it does not perform a lot of the functions such as fwd/rev on it.

2024  The oldest version 6.xx, and the newest one is 8.xx, so all 2024 are compatible.

As for the features. all 6.xx and 8.xx main boards with the retrofit kit will have the following features:-remote enabled-speed chart-10 favourite speeds (5 newer ones for XP users,  same amount for 2024 users)-double pressing to access fav speed #6-#10-5000 speed limit (normal speed limit for XP is 3500, same speed limit for 2024 users)-USB upgrade capabilities-speed knob

Features which are also only enabled on version 8.xx XP and 2024 boards:-braking