Q: What does "LOW" mean? 

A: Low is shown on the display when the position sensor reads a speed below 25RPM (Usually 0RPM). This message usually appears due to some interference in the 10pin ribbon cable between the motor power control board and the user interface board. 

Alternatively, it is displayed when the motor is not running (lock pin is in place and the motor is not running) or if there is an error on the position sensor. 

If the motor is running fine, then this message should not be a problem. 

Q: What does Kprop and Kint values mean and what should the values be for optimal performance?

 A: Kprop and Kint are gains used to control the speed of the lathe. These parameter values get adjusted by the software for optimal performance therefore the user does not need to worry about these values. 

These parameter values can be overridden by the user to achieve a specific response characteristic but normally it should not be altered. 

The DVR motors have 3 different predefined speed control profiles to assist the users when doing different scaled work. 

  • Normal: The default profile, normally used for general work
  • Soft: Profile used for large work pieces and large out of balance work 
  • Hard: For Small diameter work pieces

Q: Parameter value significance

A: Usually the users do not have to worry about parameters values. Parameter values are normally used for service purpose (when there is a problem with the machine) and the service team would be able to instruct the user to adjust the parameter values to resolve the issue they are experiencing. 

The service team will be able to request the user to write down the parameter values of their machine to diagnose the problems on their machines. 

See the following FAQ for entering service mode (ONLY AT THE INSTRUCTION OF A TEKNATOOL SERVICE TEAM MEMBER) and checking the motor parameters:

DVR XP/Saturn


DVR 2024


DVR Galaxi


DVR Voyager/Vulcan


Q: Version info/Firmware version

A: The sequence of numbers and letters that flash upon startup as well as the end of the page of the parameter values indicate the firmware version of the machine. On some machines, the Version Info may be found in the menu. Consult product manual or other FAQs for further instructions. 

Firmware version denotes 2 things: 

E.g. Firmware version 8.18C R2UO2b denotes: 

  • 8.18c - Power control firmware version (main control board)
  • R2UO2b - User interface firmware version (HMI board)

If you are requested to provide the firmware version, please provide both halves of the firmware version number. 

Q: Does the motor generate a magnetic field? Can I use the machine if I have a pacemaker?

A: The magnetic field on the outside of the motor is very small, about the same as is emitted by a computer monitor. The field is only 10-20% of the field around a normal
DC motor.
For people wearing pacemakers, treat this electronic device with the same precautions as a pacemaker used around any electronic device.