See attached documents for instructions on making a dovetail and using a dovetail chisel.

Expansion of the jaws into a recess. This function is for bowl and platter turning where the projection (depth) of the wood blank is not too great. Specific sizes for each jaw type is stated in that area.Please refer to your NOVA Chuck manual for information on how to form a recess.

When making a recess it is important to calculate the depth. The recess depth is an important consideration for maximizing the holding power of the jaws, guidelines under each jaw should be followed closely.The depth of a recess can be varied according to the size and mass of the work-piece. Larger bowls and softer woods require a deeper recess.Smaller lids and thin platters generally require a shallower recess.Always use a recess depth in excess of what is required. IF THERE IS ANY DOUBT INCREASE RECESS DEPTH.


Contraction of the jaws around a wooden spigot for grip. Mainly used for box,goblet and vase turning, that is, end-grain items with a fair degree of overhang. Generally tail-stock support is minimal or cannot be used because of the need to hollow out the inside. This method seems to be preferred by many bowl turners over the internal dovetail recess as the foot can later be re-shaped or removed, if desired, to make a smooth outside bottom of the bowl.

This situation is one of the most difficult to provide secure holding no matter what fixing method is used. EXTREME CAUTION WITH THIS OPERATION MUST BE EXERCISED. If used properly however, Teknatool Chucks provide a very secure grip in this mode.Check for adequate contact and grip of all four jaws into the wood when using this operation. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ADEQUATE GRIP BEFORE OPERATION by vigorously wrenching the work piece mounted in the chuck. If any loosening occurs, DO NOT PROCEED with operation. Repeat tightening procedure and retest grip. Refer to your NOVA chuck manual for information on forming a spigot.


Turning where the work is not supported by the tailstock.  Commonly used for all hollow form work such as bowls, long hollow vases or boxes.

TRAVEL (Drill Press)

On a drill press Travel is the distance that the drill can move during operation.