If you are experiencing AM radio interference due to the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) emitted from your DVR machine, an in-line EMI filter will likely solve your problem. The following is a surge protector with built-in EMI filter which DVR customers and technicians have had success with installing.


In the description of this product it states;
  • 3 diagnostic LEDs indicate AC present, line fault & protection present
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering 

The following is from one of our DVR electrical experts, Mike Swerbensky, with a deeper explanation of the problem and the solution:

"I have used these for the same symptoms you are describing and including ham radio, (AM), interference. I still use them today and most work great. I have tested them on AM radio by dialing in the interference and then employing the EMI/RFI filtering systems,( repeatedly.)That is plural because not only do I use a tripp lite surge protector daily, ( isobar 4 ), we have our own filter that performs very well. As to whether or not the product works for EMI/RFI isn't always indicated by the name of the product but rather the specifications of that product. If what you are using doesn't work then maybe a better filtering/conditioning product should be obtained. Years of testing this type of interference has taught me that many conditions come into play, such as the environment around us. Humidity, barometric pressure, objects and reflectivity all play a role. Always verify that the machines ground is intact and that your electrical service is grounded properly."