Due to the performance characteristics of the DVR motor, when using a typical power source with GFI/ GFCI may prevent the motor from running correctly. DVR motors can rapidly increase the amount of 

current that it is drawing during operation which may trigger the GFI/ GFCI to shut down the power supply, preventing the motor from operating correctly. 

The important factor to look for when checking if the GFI/ GFCI installed in your power supply is compatible with the DVR motors is its leak current threshold rating. For the GFI/ GFCI to be fully compatible

without the risk of unnecessary triggering, it must have a leak current threshold rating of 30mA (0.003A).

Side Note: 

Repeated triggering of the GFI/ GFCI on the DVR motor will not cause harm to the internal electronics. 

DVR motor controllers do include a surge protection on board therefore if you do not have a power source installed with a GFI/ GFCI, a unprotected power sources are still perfectly fine to use with the DVR motor.