1. Stop the lathe. 

2. Loosen the screw knob and open the headstock guard. 

3. Loosen the Teebar and pull the lever toward the front of the lathe to loosen the belt. Tighten the teebar to hold the motor while the belt position is changed. 

4. Position the belt on the selected set of pulleys. (Using the Belt Position Window to Select the desired speed)

5. Push the Teebar away from the lathe to tension the belt and tighten the teebar. 

6. Close the headstock guard and tighten the screw knob. 

Warning! Don't apply excess tension to the belt. You should be able to push the belt down at the center point between the pulleys from 8-12 mm (5/16 – 1/2 inch) with your thumb. Excess belt tension can cause increased vibration, bearing wear, belt wear, and damage to the motor shaft. 

Note: This procedure can also be found on page 18 of the manual.

IMPORTANT: Your new NOVA 1624 Woodlathe now comes with additional safety feature, and is fitted with an emergency stop button on the motor. This button is for "Emergencies" only. The machine will coast to a stop if this button is pushed in. Important: Once this Emergency stop button is pushed, you must release into the "OUT" position before you can use the lathe again. You must twist to release it into the OUT position before you can turn on the lathe. • Use the regular STOP button if you want the lathe to come to a stop. • To turn the machine on and off, use the on/off switch on the motor.