CAUTION: Instructions in this guide are intended for electricians and technicians only. For your safety, contact your local NOVA dealer or service provider for assistance. 

If your fuse has blown out or a breaker has tripped while using your lathe, this could be a sign of a power surge issue causing an electrical short. The lathe would have completely shut down if this has occurred and will not start up again until the fuse or breaker has been reset. If the lathe consistently trips the breaker then this is a sign that an electronic part must be replaced. 

It is recommended that you have a megger tester (or multimeter) available to test for power leakage, however you can diagnose the issue through trial and error if you don’t mind setting off your circuit breaker again. Both of these methods are covered in this guide which will aid you in identifying the component causing the short circuit. 

Refer to the guide below for step-by-step instructions to identify the cause of this issue.