Removing the Nova 2024 Headstock
Reasons for removing headstock:
1. To replace the motor, spindle or bearings:
2. To replace detent pin:
3. To replace swivel lock pin

Do not attempt this project alone.
The Nova DVR 2024 woodlathe is extremely heavy.
Dimensions of the unit with the bed attached are 18x21x10, 130lbs.
Dimensions of the unit with the bed removed are 18x13x10, 98 lbs.

Be very careful that the lathe is positioned in such a way that it will not topple or fall on you.
Ensure that the lathe will be stable after the headstock has been removed from the bed base.
To remove the headstock the lathe needs to be accessible from underneath.
The lathe will need to be unbolted from the stand and put into a position where access is available.

Remove Headstock:
Remove bottom bolt (#13 in the exploded parts list) [M6x40 bolt (#13) threads into the bottom of the Swivel Pin (#37)].
Remove spring (#11), washer (#12), Headstock Lock Lever 1 (#14).
Remove nut (#16), washer (#15), hex nut (#9).
Remove Headstock Detent Lever (#6), washer (#8).
Loosen or drive out Headstock Swivel Pin by gently tapping with a soft faced mallet and suitable rod.
Lift the headstock off the bed being careful not to damage the Swivel Pin at the bottom.