Reasons for removing headstock:
1. To replace the motor, spindle or bearings:
2. To replace detent pin:
3. To replace swivel lock pin

Be advised the headstock is heavy. Do not attempt this project alone. It weighs 95 lbs, and needs to be double packed so in absolutely cannot move or come off balance inside the container, as if shipping 100lbs of eggs. Double pack means hollow cardboard or stiff styrofoam surrounding the headstock inside of one box (16x16x16) and sealed.

Then pack that box with hollow cardboard surrounding it inside a larger box (18X18X18 OR 20x20x20). Then bind the box in both directions with strap locks(BELOW). Shipping vendor will have them. If any part touches the side, it will cause the box to fail (usually the spindle or pivot pin). If possible, use FED EX. We have better luck with them.

Inline image 1 Inline image 3

SEE attachments for info on how to remove headstock.