How to Calibrate the Depth Sensor on a NOVA Viking




Press and hold the <Zero/Confirm> button.



Keep <Zero/Confirm> held down.


Press the <OFF> button briefly. 



Wait for 2 seconds before releasing the <Zero/Confirm> button again. 



You are now in Calibration Mode.


Lower the quill to the depth shown on the screen. 



If your drill press is set to imperial units, the calibration depth displayed here will be in Inches. 


Retract quill depth to 0mm:


Set quill depth to 20mm: 



Hold the quill at the depth specified while pressing <Set Depth>.



Repeat the steps (4) and (5) until the calibration is complete and returns to the main screen. 


If the calibration results were not linear, a sound will play and a warning will flash on the screen. 

In this case, you will need to repeat the calibration again or check if the depth sensor is broken.