Due to the direct drive design of the NOVA DVR drill presses, there is very little resistance force compared to a traditional belt and pulley drill press. This is a great advantage as there is a higher efficiency in power transfer from the motor to the drill bit, however some users who use a keyless chuck may find it difficult to tighten the keyless chuck with one hand due to the low resistance.


The assisted powered spindle hold function was created to power the motor at a fixed position to provide some electronic resistance to allow the user to hold the drill bit in position in one hand and tighten the drill chuck with another hand. 


This feature is available for all NOVA Viking drill presses and Voyager/Vulcan drill press with the latest firmware. 


NOTE: While the machine provides some resistance force, the final tightening should always be done by the user with 2 hands to ensure the drill bit is secure.


To protect the electronics of your machine, a time limit of 30 seconds and a current limit is automatically applied to avoid burning out the components. 


Please see the attached FAQ for how to use the Powered Spindle hold feature for the Nova drill presses