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Depth DRO HMI Enhancements

The DRO on the Nova Voyager appears capable of resolving distances finer than 0.01 inch increments, as demonstrated by switching to metric and seeing that the displayed resolution is 0.1mm, which is equivalent to 0.004 inches per increment.  If 0.004 inch resolution is available when using a metric readout, 0.005 should be an option for imperial measurements.  While this may seem excessive for woodworking, it would be great for metalworking, for which this drill press is quite handy and can still get even better.

Along the same lines, another very valuable option for woodworkers would be to offer displays in fractional units, perhaps in 1/128th resolution to approximate the decimal resolution.

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Hello David

You'll be glad to hear that finer increments and fractional displays are already in the works (along with other features) for the next major upgrade of the software.

There is a limitation on the resolution of the depth read out which may affect the accuracy of display, one of the major factors is the height sensor calibration process. 



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Shi, Thank you for the reply. I have observed the accuracy issue you mentioned and with calibration points spaced one inch apart, there is still enough nonlinearity in the multi-turn potentiometer to be problematic. On my machine, I've noticed deviation LCD upwards of .020 inches between calibration points. Are there any plans to allow a more extensive calibration that will take data points at more frequent intervals in order to improve accuracy? -Dave

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Hello Dave

We are looking into our options for improving the accuracy of the drill press, thank you for your suggestion!



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