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Nova DVR 1644 Firmware Upgrade

Where can I find the firmware to upgrade my Nova DVR 1644 and how do I upgrade the firmware from my current version?

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Would like to see a MAC based version of the firmware upgrade software made available sometime soon please.

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I would just like the firmware I have to work properly. Or someone to help me fix the problem.

Would love a Mac base version as well!

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Add me to the list requesting a version for Mac.


Hi All,

We are still working on the official procedure for Windows PC (as well as the software for Mac), but you can use the Voyager Drill Press procedure for everything but the panel removal procedure and plugging in the USB cable.

See the picture below for where to plug in the cable on the blue HMI board inside the panel, and select the attached firmware file (US customers only) when asked which file to load.


Spencer Herran


any update on the Mac software for updating firmware?  it sure would be nice for those of us the only have Mac computers.

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All updates are not MAC approved due to their security measures. 

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