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Just picked up a tl 1500 last week. Looks like this one was hardly used. Right now I'm experiencing the tail stock loosening almost constantly. Can't find any instruction manuals on line, otherwise it's a great lathe. Edward in Vancouver

Hi Edward,

Sorry for the late reply. Glad you like the lathe so far! Here's the manual from our system. Let us know if you have any further questions.



Thanks! Greatly appreciated. Unfortunately there is no schematic of the tail stock quill lock. This loosens up after a few seconds with the lathe running. There is a hollow pin that presses in a groove on the locking knob, but no matter of adjusting this pin will make the quill lock firmly. What I have done is to "manufacture" a type of wood brake that clamps around the hand wheel, thus immobilizing the quill. No ideal, not pretty, not practical--not permanent either, but it does the trick until I can figure out what is going on.

As you can imagine, our documentation is limited on such an old product. Here's the only other thing I could find on the tailstock. Hopefully it helps, and good luck!

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