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Koenig lathe chuck

Buying my first chuck for older Western Germany made Koenig lathe. Purchased super nova 2 bundle from Rockler. Guessed on the thread and didn’t match. Thinking I have 33mm 8tper. Having trouble finding this chuck although teknatool shows it ski 23062. Any advice appreciated

Try not to ever guess on your threads...the internet has all of that information:

This is a European measured chuck sku 23062:

Hope this helps!


Convinced my lathe is 33m, 3.5 pitch. Who has it??
Thanks. I’ve tried to find a source for the sku23062 but not successful. Can I purchase directly from Teknatool?

Who has what, the chuck?  I gave a link.  Are you in the States?

Yes, the chuck. I’m in MN. Mikes tool Is out of stock according to web. I could call them.
Did you get my reply. Miles tool is out of stock.

Larry - add to an internet search NOVA 23062,  and you will find retailers who sell this product.  

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