Typically an RPS Error is an issue involving a wiring connection, dust obstructing the optic sensors, or a faulty sensor. After clearing the obstruction, the lathe may need to be reset. 

  • RPS0 means the connection is open from the 5 pin ribbon cable on the board to the sensor board. The cable is usually zip tied to the sensor board, so that connection is not likely a problem; the one on the board is usually to blame. 
  • RPS1 means something is obstructing the optics (dusty).

A Rotation Position Sensor (RPS) Error on a DVR motor is mainly caused by 3 reasons. 

  1. Dust accumulating over the optical sensors 
  2. The optical sensor cable my be disconnected from the control board
  3. There is a fault in the sensor

To resolve this issue, please try the following procedures in order (check if the error is still there after each procedure): 

  1. Turn the machine spindle by hand in either clockwise or anti-clockwise and turn. This may cause a breakthrough for the optical sensor.
  2. Open the cover up and vacuum all the dust inside the machine
  3. Use an air blower to blow dust out of the machine 
  4. Replace the optical sensor (contact Customer Service to get a new optical sensor)

If the error still remains after commencing the 4 procedures above, there may be an issue with the control board or the software. In this case please contact us to arrange a repair/exchange.  

Attached are FAQ help sheets on the RPS state error symptom you are getting and how to clear or replace the sensor.  There are four files attached. The first three are relevant to your symptoms. The fourth one is there for illustration purposes to get to the sensor and replace if necessary.

DVR.FAQs check Run Low RPM



DVR2 ERROR Replacing the RPS Rotor Position Sensor

If you have verified the connection and cleared the sensor, the sensor and/or the cable needs replacement. Contact us for pricing on these components.

If your DVR lathe is less than two years from date of purchase from a dealer, it falls under the electrical warranty.
Please reply with your ship to address, serial number of the lathe, and if under warranty, dated proof of purchase receipt. If out of warranty, give us a call with a credit card.