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New Nova 1624 arrived with spindle wobble

My Nova 1624 arrived last week with a significant amount of spindle wobble. I have checked and double checked that the motor, belt and pulleys are on correctly and running straight.  Tried it with a brand new supernova chuck, faceplate, the double ended morse taper (also nova) and another chuck that I know runs true, but the wobble is always there. There is no dirt, dust or debris on the threads, chucks, faceplate or spindle. The bearings spin freely and make no noise. I believe that either the bearings are not seated correctly, or that the spindle has a defect.

Thanks for the feedback about the resolution of the problem, Adam.


Jon R Ford

Customer Solutions 

I have the same issue. tried dealing with a tech but never heard back from him. not sure what to do now

What was the solution to this problem?

After a couple of weeks of waiting for a reply that never came, I finally called customer support. By then I had traced the problem down to a defective/faulty spindle. The support rep told me that there was nothing that they could do, as they only warrantied the electrical on the lathe. After much much "discussion" about this he transferred me over to a sales rep who gave me the option of either disassembling the lathe and shipping it back, then waiting weeks for a new lathe to show up, or sending me a new spindle and bearings so that I could fix it myself.  As I am familiar with replacing spindles and bearings, I opted for the 2nd option.   This is were things go even more south.  The "new" spindle I was sent had obviously been taken out of a well used lathe.  It was so gouged up and worn that it was barely usable.  I contacted the sales rep back by email and he said and I quote "Surprised to hear about the used spindle."  And that was the last I heard from him.  

Absolute worst customer support of any company I have ever dealt with.  It was bad enough that I haven't even bothered getting with them about the tailstock being machined over 1/16" too short. When I use the nova 2mt alignment system. the tailstock sits substantially above the bed rails.  I had to remedy this problem by shimming it with cut up coke cans.  Still a better solution than dealing with this company ever again. 

The best solution I can give you is to send back the lathe for a refund and buy from a reputable, quality company. 

Agree, that's shocking service indeed. My problem seems more of the chuck running off center than a wobble. The only piece of equipment that runs absolutely true is the faceplate that came with the lathe. I've tried 2 brand new Supernova II chucks and a JET faceplate and all 3 run just over 0.3mm out. Not sure if this is acceptable or are my standards too high.
Not good to hear. I purchased this lathe end of August and only used it twice before back surgery on September 13, now I am healing up a little I put on Super Nova 2 and what do I have SPINDLE RUNOUT. Should have been more concerned when I found that the motor was wired backwards.
I eventually found the problem on my 1624 II. Lathes with a M33 spindle was supposed to be delivered to the distributer in my country, but unfortunately 1 1/4" UNS was supplied. I had an adaptor made and it now runs 99.5% correct. Not good enough, though. I hope that Teknatool will supply the correct spindle at no cost!
I am not healed enough to work on anything but plan to talk to my dealer 70 miles away, just to see what they say.
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