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motor and spindle sheave problem

I bought a nova 1624-44 lathe

It is two years old but only used twice

The motor and spindle shft sheave move out of alignment  even after re-aligning and tightening set screws

Has any one else had these or similar problems?

I've had similar problems with the sheave walking on the motor shaft as well.  This lathe is less than 6 months old.

Thanks for the tip, Adam. Gordon, Apologies for the delay. If you would send you phone number we will have a tech call you.


Jon R Ford

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If you are talking about the belt pulleys moving out of alignment, try using new set screws.  The tips of them can become rounded if they are loosened and then re-tightened.  Plus they are the cheapest and simplest fix, which is always a good place to start.  Also check and make sure the key stock on the shafts is the correct size.  

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