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Loose galaxy spindle lock

I have a DVR XP and just discovered yesterday that the spindle lock mechanism is loose. It still works with some effort but I suspect it will soon fail. Any suggestions?
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I had a problem with the spindle lock myself on the Galaxi DVR.   I contacted teknatool and they shipped me the part that I needed.  The item is a roll/spring pin commonly used in autos, restaurant equipment and firearms.  I am not sure if that is the same part for your machine.  It is a pin that goes into the spindle lock itself and keeps it open when it is in the unlocked position.  If yours is loose there is a nut and a lock washer that hold it in that might just need tightening.  You need to take the hand-wheel off first (turning it clockwise) and then remove the screws to access it.  If it doesn't work your warranty should cover the part if you are still under warranty and if not, replace the assembly.  Jon seems to be very responsive when I contact them so you might want to start with them first. 
I personally think that the index pin assembly is not a great design.  There should be some type of bushing to keep wood particles out ... because they are going to get in it and every where else like they do.  That and the roll pin should be threaded and screwed in rather than a pin that needs to be widened and then put in a hole held only by friction.