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Where is the FIrmware Update for the Nova Voyager Drill Press

Its has been months since I was told an update was forthcoming, yet there is still nothing.  When will an update be released that addresses the numerous issues with the tapping feature, torque control, etc.?

Hi David,

The latest firmware has many improvements, including the issues you listed, and the firmware updates for the Voyager can be downloaded at the following link:


Joel Latimer

Now running R2P05i, noticed the following.  Under settings, motor profiles.  Options are Normal, Weich? ( whatever that is?), and Hard.  I'm guessing that Normal, Soft, and Hard should be the labels?

Hi David.

I have just bought this drill 3 days ago .

I would like to update the firmware but cannot get it to work.

Just wondering if you could run through the steps .

I have also put in a ticket to Teknatool.


This has been seen before as the machine is not being shown in the drop down menu when attempting the update process. This simply means that the current USB driver that is installed is out of date on the computer. Included in the firmware file that is downloaded from our site here Located in the folder "NOVA Firmware Upgrade Files\DISK1\program files\STRIATECH\Driver" will be a list of operating systems. Download the driver for your particular system, restart the computer and then run the update again on the machine your trying to update. 

At this point you should be running smooth, of course if any issues should arise other than what is addressed here please submit a ticket and we will resolve it. 

Finally got this firmware upgrade to work .

The link goes to a page that actually has two places to download the file .

I was using the first one and there was no straitech files .

After I went into the actual download button, I got the correct files for the firmware upgrader.

Thanks for your help.