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Received a Comet II lathe with a tailstock that won't tighten down. After further investigation it seem the bolt a nut that tighten the tailstock don't have enough or any threads. I received a service ticket over the usual 24hs ago and no response. Also the Chuck that I received with the so called kit is the wrong one.

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can any one help, I need a wiring diagram of motor with north American elect. symbols that I can understand

I can sympathize with you I am on my third day of waiting to hear from anyone about why my brand new Galaxi 1644 that has been in my possession for only 6 weeks at best won't run. I can't get anyone to respond.  Very discouraged and disappointed.  

Don't feel too bad, I pointed out problems with my Nova Voyager drill press over four months ago and was told a firmware update was in the works.  They just closed my support ticket to make it go away and haven't done anything to address the issues that I brought up.  I feel like I would be better off trying to reverse engineer the control and write my own firmware at this point because it would be faster.

It's a shame that the only way I have found that works, it the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It gets to the point were it has to be done in a rude manner. After a month I just received my new head stock. Now we play a different game. The new head stock came very well crated just like the whole lathe did. In fact the box (wood) can hold close to 1 yard of dirt. That big. They sent a return shipping label, but with no info as to who is shipping it. The crate is listed as almost 300 LBS. No directions as to who picks it up etc. It will be interesting to see, how long it takes for them to contact me about  "where's our old head stock". They complain about being short handed, We'll see how much so when the shoe is on the other foot. They tried to work me into changing the entire mother board. I gave them 2 options, 1 extended the warranty for all electrical components to 4 years.  Or sell me a 1624 lathe that was on sale for 850, for 50% of that.  The emails from them prior was how easy it is to do. Well I had changed every other thing it could have been in the motor or electronics.  I have learned, for everyone who owns a machine like this. to shut it off every time you use it. Unplugging is the probably best. It is not like a typical motor machine, when you hit the switch it comes on. Technically there is 4 switches, 3 of which need to be turned on, pressed, switched, to operate the machine. If you don't shut the machine off on by the on / off on the back of the head stock, technically the machine is on. The head stock is not turning, the HMI panel isn't on. When you press start, the MHI digital read out comes on. And then the head stock starts to spin. If the start button hasn't been pushed, for a certain time, the panel turns off. Don't let your foot off the pedal. They don't want these forums filled with bad reviews and complaints. I told them I would prefer to keep my gripping between us, and basically it was. The gentleman Jon, was very helpful. Getting tech support is near impossible. Their engineers are all in New Zealand. There's a 12 hour difference. The crew there can answer your questions and walk you through tech issues. I couldn't get the USA people in FLA. to have the NZ people call me when they get in at 8 AM there. I was told it's 6PM EST here. No calls, but they had answers, from where I don't know. But until I knew I was getting a new head stock, we talked every day. Fill out a service complaint every day.  Good luck, when it runs, it a beautiful thing.

Of course you need the right insert. It is a separate part, unless it's stated that it has a fixed thread insert. What I would not do, is to use the red ceramic bumper prior to inserting the set screw. It made changing insert near impossible. I had to with a set of cole jaws on, put it in my vise with a long pipe wrench. The little ceramic cushion gets pushed into the threads, and doesn't want to allow the insert to back out. Odd though, the G2 comes with it and the 3 does not. What is cheap, is you don't get a new set of screws with each set of jaws you order. They actually sells sets of 16 for over 16.00. Could be a set of 8. I went to Fastenall  and can buy a box of 100 for like 25.00. Buy a bunch of boxes of 100 and cut your price in half. It's the only chuck jaws I have ever bought that don't come with a set of new screws with each set of 35.00 to 70.00@ set of jaws only. Would cost Nova maybe .50 maximum. 50 cents. 


Any update (i.e., good news) regarding your DVR Galaxi?  I waited almost 2 months for a new headstock. 

Yes, I received a new headstock, and got it installed. Back up and running, thank God. They did send me a free remote and are sending me a set of jaws of my choice, that will fit the G2or #3 Nova chuck. Still haven't heard a word as to what happens with the old head stock. It comes in a 300lb plus crate. with a return label. With no name of the shipper or as to how it gets there and or picked up. I have made a couple emails inquiring with no answers.

Nice -- especially the free remote!  You'd think after waiting for 2 months for a new headstock to replace a BRAND NEW Galaxi lathe than I couldn't use for 2 months that they would've been equally kind to me.  Oh well -- at least the replacement headstock is working properly. Glad you are back up and running!

Hi Steve,  Honestly I had to be a real ass. I also received a new chuck to replace a G2 chuck that I couldn't get the insert out of. THough they didn't send the right inserts for it. I bought another lathe, the 12 1/2" 1HP Ricon, when it went on sale. When I tried to change the inserts, they send a small round ceramic piece that is suppose to lock the insert to the chuck without damaging the chuck threads. Made it near impossible to remove the insert, and not completely but messed up the threads on the chuck. I'm suppose to send the other chuck back, but again there is no shipping label, or directions to what the procedure is. I believe they want me to include in the head stock crate which would make sense. I have a 3' x 3' x 3' skid and crate with the old head stock in it, right in the middle of my shop, with a printed out address as to where it's going, that I'm suppose to clear tape to the box. No other information. TOtal weight over 300 lbs. UPS delivered the first lathe, Old Dominion delivered the head stock. No clue how it gets back to Nova. I have a typical slip for all the internal head stock parts that I changed on the original head stock that they want shipped back.  If they think I'm paying for the shipping to do this, they need to think again. In fact after I receive the new set of jaws, I will let them know that I will begin charging them for rental storage space.  Two of the people in Fla, both named John Jon have been helpful, Jon the most, Call him. Other wise a year or so down the road I will order a new MCB board and replace the one in the original head stock and if it repairs the first problem, I'll search around for a set of ways and build another lathe just for bowls. I have contacted them with a few emails, so it's not like I'm being sleazy. I have tried to get it back to them.  Honestly I think having the head quarters in New Zealand, and their competitive prices for a very good product, they are short qualified people to deal with product issues.  They would benefit greatly by just replacing and setting a return shipping program up, so they can repair themselves and sell as reconditioned with the same warranty. It is such a small %, that it would be in their best interest. I belong to a turning club in NH and of the 50 plus members, I'll bet about 35 own Nova lathes. Wood Craft is a outstanding company for the promotion of their tools. Although I have never seen a nova drill press, on the floor.  

Well my problem seems quite simple. Compared to some of you guys but all I need to know is where and/or how one would go in to change/correct their username(Id). This is one strange site. Thanks
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