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DVR Drill Press - Spindle/Quill locked

I am wondering if anyone had faced this problem on the DVR Drill Press. Yesterday morning, I was using the press without any problems. About 2 hours had gone by before I returned to the press only to find that the spindle/quill had been mysteriously locked. It will only move about 1/8" down/up.

The motor still works but cannot crank down the quill. My shop mates and I looked at every visible knobs/fittings to see if there was something mechanical that caused the lock - couldn't see anything.

Looked through the electronic controls to see if there was anything, but also couldn't see anything setting that may have caused this locking.

When I was first using the press, I didn't do anything that was any different than all of the other times I used the press.

This is very perplexing and disruptive to a busy shop.

Will appreciate if anyone can suggest some solutions.

Thank you,


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