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Change voltage on 2024 DVR lathe ? Not the XP.

I was told that the 2024 DVR can be easily modified to run on either 110 or 220. There is no mention in the 2024 user manual, but it is the exact same DVR motor as the DVR XP, which has instructions how to make the changes. My electrician friend looked at the XP instructions, and behind the cover plate of my 2024. He says what they say to do does not match with the set up of the DVR motor on the 2024. The one time I got through to their customer service, the rep assured me it could be easily done, and he would email me a .pdf with the instructions. Nothing has arrived. Clearly I have to change the plug, but need to know what else to modify inside the motor. Any guidance most appreciated.

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Process is the same for converting all DVR products from 110V to 220V. Merged into topic "Converting from 115V to 230V".