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Chuck replacement

I have already Emailed you and got a standard reply which does not help me in any way. I hope some of your clever techs can help me. I have attached the Email that I have already sent but got  a standard reply.

Email was as follows,

Please, please can you help me.

I have been using a Draper WTL90 lathe for pen making for many years now but the spare parts are very difficult to get.

Yesterday I purchased a small Clarke wood lathe (CWL325V) which is small enough for my needs.

The problem is that due to poor eyesight and shaky hands I cannot drill straight down the centre of the wooden blanks without causing problems.

I would like to try and drill the blanks horizontally with a four jaw chuck holding the blank and a drill in the tailstock which I have seen on Utube.

I have one of your chucks which I have had for some time plus a Nova chuck accessory set but I  have no idea if this can accept other jaws to do the job.

The blanks vary from three quarters of a inch square to one inch square and are approx six inches long but are usually cut in half to make the two half’s of the pens, I also sometimes use Acrylic blanks.

The chuck I have is (so I have been told) is three quarter, with 16 TPI.

I have attached some photos of the chuck and Jaw set which I hope will help.

Once again please can you help me. I would love to continue with my hobby as it makes me feel worthwhile.

  Kind Regards

  John Piddington






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